Repair information

What to do if your property is damaged or needs fixing

Damage, loss and repairs


It is your responsibility as a tenant to:

  • replace blown light bulbs, fuses, lost keys and sink plugs
  • replace tubes/starters for fluorescent lights
  • inform us ASAP of any urgent or routine repairs: see How to report a repair
  • allow easy access to contractors who are carrying out repairs and annual servicing of gas appliances

NB: Please make sure you get our permission BEFORE you start any works to improve or alter your property!




If you or someone else living in your home damages something…
It’s your responsibility to ensure that whatever is broken (internally or externally) is repaired to the same standard as before it was damaged. This could involve sourcing and paying a suitable professional if you aren’t able to repair it yourself.

If the damage has been caused by a break-in or vandalism…
We will make your home safe, but we’ll only do further work if you supply us with a Police Crime Number (not an incident number given out over the phone).