How do we measure up?

We're scrutinising every aspect of our operation to identify and action areas for improvement

Greening our business

In 2016 Broadland achieved the SHIFT Gold Standard accreditation in housing.

For SHIFT accreditation, social landlords are assessed on their performance in areas such as strategy and management, existing property, offices and operations, and new build.

In virtually all areas, we met or exceeded our targets. In the illustration below from our SHIFT 2016 Sustainability Assessment Report (SAR), the left-hand figure is our actual performance, compared to the highest SHIFT Platinum target on the right.

Using the SAR’s recommendations for improvement, our Environmental Champions are now focusing on Broadland’s accreditation submission for 2018. Various projects are under way. We continue to work closely with tenants to address fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency, health and wellbeing.

In 2017 we reached the finals in 3 categories of the annual SHIFT sustainability awards.


Our overall sustainability performance

Source: SHIFT 2016 Sustainability Assessment Report for Broadland Housing