New ‘zero to landfill’ waste contract

Broadland has signed a two-year contract with award-winning waste management company Viridor. The new contract, starting today [26 March 2018] will encourage staff to segregate and recycle as much material as possible. Non-recyclable (residual) waste will go to Viridor’s energy recovery facilities at Ardley in Oxfordshire and Peterborough to create renewable energy.

Previously Broadland had multiple waste management contracts. The decision to move to a single contract with Viridor was based on Viridor’s holistic zero-to-landfill approach. Viridor will help us work more efficiently in our waste management, ensure we are fully compliant with waste regulations, including reporting of our waste statistics, and support our SHIFT goals.

Barry Ashby, Group Procurement Manager, said:

“We’re keen to raise awareness within our own organisation about maximising our recycling opportunities, and take the waste that remains and give it a green purpose – low-carbon electricity.

“The tender process incorporated the requirements of Broadland’s Environmental Strategy. Our operatives were consulted and our Digital Team created a questionnaire on Text Local so staff could comment via their mobile phones. This information helped to shape the tender specification. The tender was carried out on our E-Tendering System Delta E-Sourcing. Bids were evaluated on cost and quality criteria, and the three highest-scoring tenderers were invited to make presentations. The decision to accept Viridor’s tender was unanimous.”

Victoria Waterhouse, Viridor’s Commercial Manager (East and Central), said:

“It’s inspiring to work with a customer who is so driven to make sustainable changes. The key to these changes is education and Viridor will fully support this requirement by hosting educational visits to our state-of-the-art facilities and waste awareness days. By providing a dedicated and experienced account manager the group will truly become a waste partner.”

Viridor sent enough energy to the national grid last year to power 380,000 homes – the equivalent of a city the size of Leeds.

Viridor has won a series of national and international awards, including the National Recycling Award for Local Authority Innovation; Best Private Sector Initiative at the Scottish Resources Awards; CIWM Award for the Best Run UK Waste Management Facility; the Industry Award for Excellence for Design of a Recycling or Waste Management Facility and the CIWM Resource Learning & Development Award for Education.