Broadland tenants help shape guide for journalists

Benefit to Society campaign with Broadland Housing tenantsWe’re proud to be one of the housing associations* involved in Benefit to Society.

This innovative campaign is producing a guide for journalists on how to avoid stereotyping of social housing tenants.

So far the campaign has collected the views of more than 450 tenants on negative stereotyping in the media. Read more about the campaign here.

Our tenants Richard and Mo recently joined 20+ other social housing tenants (see picture) to discuss the survey results and help put together the shape of the guide, which is being written by Rachel Broady from the National Union of Journalists.

The guide encourages the media to look at the facts about who lives in social housing (70% are working or retired; 23% are unable to work due to disability or caring responsibilities, according to the most recent English Housing Survey), and to look for the real stories, not rely on lazy stereotypes.

Richard and Mo and the rest of the tenant editorial group believe that social housing is a step up, not something that holds you back: having somewhere decent and affordable to live lets you get on with the rest of your life.

The guide will be launched the week before Housing Day in September 2017. 


*The Benefit to Society Campaign is sponsored and supported by:

  • Bolton at Home
  • Broadland Housing Association
  • Homes in Sedgemoor
  • Optivo
  • Progress Housing Group
  • Red Kite Community Housing
  • Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
  • Soha Housing
  • South Yorkshire Housing Association
  • Town & Country Housing Group
  • Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
  • Tpas
  • Association of Retained Council Housing
  • National Federation of ALMOs

Anthony Collins Solicitors are also supporting the guide.